Kimberly Ann Vadala Net Worth

Kimberly Ann Vadala Net Worth

How much is Kimberly Ann Vadala worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million 
Nick Name:Kimberly Ann Vadala
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional model and fitness diva
Last Updated:2020

Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Kimberly Ann Vadala’s net worth is about 2 Million dollars. Fitness and modeling are the primary sources of her income. 

Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Overviews

Kimberly Ann Vadala is an American model and fitness diva who first gained recognition after she dated and marrying Colin Cowherd, a well known famous sportscaster, co-hosted the Sports Nation, a radio show on ESPN2. Ann and Colin Cowherd were known to be among the most strong couples in the entertainment business, but they later divorced after roughly ten years of their marriage. The estranged couple shares two children, a boy, and a girl. Both children live with their mother, Kimberly.

Kimberly Ann Vadala got a massive amount of money after her divorce settlement with her ex-husband Colin Cowherd, who was worth 14 million dollars at the time. However, the narrative regarding her divorce settlement was not disclosed. 

Kimberly Ann Vadala graduated from University, earning a degree in Economics. After her studies, she intended to pursue her career as a journalist or a businesswoman. However, along the line, Kimberly started getting interested in fitness and strived to build her career in fitness instructor because she was so passionate about yoga and exercise. She is additionally a model.

Since Kimberly got divorced, she keeps her life aways from the spotlight and continued to focus on her career paths. There is no further information about Kimberly Ann Vadala’s personal life because she often stays far away from the media. She doesn’t have any accounts with any of the major social media websites.

Kimberly Ann Vadala is worth 2 Million dollars in 2020

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