Thekla Reuten Net Worth

Thekla Reuten Net Worth

What is Thekla Reuten’s net worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million 
Age:44  years 
Country of Origin:Dutch actress
Source of Wealth:Professional Actress
Last Updated:2020

Thekla Reuten Net Worth in 2020

As of 2020, Thekla Reuten’s net worth is about 10 million dollars. She is a Dutch actress, well known for starring Twin Sisters (2002), I Want to Be Famous! (2000), both flicks nominated for an Oscar and Netflix fantasy exciting series “Warrior Nun.”

How Thekla Reuten makes her money

Thekla Reuten
Thekla Reuten

Thekla Reuten has created quite a notable fame and fortune for herself over the years. Her incomes come from the numerous movies and television shows she has appeared in. As of 2020, Thekla Reuten’s net worth is 10 million dollars.

Thekla Reuten started her professional acting career with numerous globally famous films, with two Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film. Thekla Reuten is a definite pioneer of the forefront actresses that Europe has given to the world picture and the big screen.

She amassed her international recognition in the Oscar-nominated film Twin Sisters (2002), which went on to be a favorite with movie lovers all around the planet. Thekla Reuten has further smoothed her English for numerous consistent roles in Hollywood film(s).

In early 2008, Thekla Reuten spent two months in St. Petersburg, where the Transit was filmed, with John Malkovich and Thomas Kretschmann. It was the film introduction of British director Tom Roberts, where Reuten plays Elena, a Russian woman who is amongst refugees and prisoners at the end of World War II.

Thekla Reuten was previously in Lithuania for the movie Highlander: The Source (2007), directed by Brett Leonard. In late 2005, acclaimed Dutch director Alex van Warmerdam called Reuten to appear in Ober (2006). In this comedy movie, she has the role of Suzie, and it is the story of a 50-year-old waiter named Edgar, who works in a restaurant that had a miserable existence. Edgar casings of his wearisome existence and realizes that life has better things to offer him. He wants a girlfriend, new neighbors, wants to be happy.

Thekla Reuten was introduced to a broader audience in the United States and the United Kingdom with the Oscar-nominated Twin Sisters (2002). Here she plays Lotte, one of the twin sisters (Reuten was applauded for her emotional and honest representation). In this story, after the death of her parents, two twin sisters are separated. One twin will grow up with an aunt in the Netherlands, living a comfortable life. At the same time, the other twin will grow up under harsh conditions on a German farm owned by her uncle. Where she suffers physically and emotionally, over time, they will meet again on numerous occasions, trying to reconcile their lives, and the outside world (oddly World War II and the Nazis) powerfully influence them.

Twin Sisters was the second Oscar-nominated film to feature Thekla Reuten. Previously I want to be famous! (2000) had received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Picture.

Thekla Reuten speaks five languages (Dutch, English, German, Italian, and French ). With an Italian mother, that makes her a natural choice for the Italian film Una Bellezza Che Non Lascia scampo (2001). She had previously participated in the movie Kruimeltje (1999), which received several international awards.

In 2020, Thekla Reuten appeared on Netflix Original series Warrior Nun where she played the role of Jillian Salvius. A CEO of ARQ-Tech that questioned the Vatican’s power by making a distinction that could make religion out-of-date.

Where is Thekla Reuten from? Thekla Reuten was born and raised in Bussum, Netherlands, to Dutch father, politician and economist Geert Reuten, and an Italian mother. She graduated from the Amsterdam Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1997. After graduated, she soon came to be recognized by film directors, earning her roles in major productions and debuting in leading Dutch TV series such as “Wij Alexander” (1998).

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