Frances Sholto-Douglas Net Worth

Frances Sholto-Douglas Net Worth

How much is Frances Sholto-Douglas Worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million 
Source of Wealth:Professional actress
Last Updated:2020

Frances Sholto-Douglas’s Net Worth 2020 

Frances Sholto-Douglas is a South African actress with an estimated net worth of 1 Million dollars in 2020. Frances Sholto-Douglas is known for portraying as Vivian in the critically acclaimed film The Kissing Booth, and as Carmen in Black Mirror (2011)

How does Frances Sholto-Douglas make her money

Frances Sholto-Douglas’s sources of income and wealth come from her acting career. Frances Sholto-Douglas’s net worth is 1 Million dollars, as of 2020. 

Frances Sholto-Douglas appeared as Taren in the film Samson in 2018, and she also played the role of Carmen in the episode Black Mirror. 

In 2020, Frances Sholto-Douglas reprises her role as Vivian in The Kissing Booth 2. Her most recent work is a TV Series name Grow, stars like Lee-Anne Summers, Gideon Emery, Chris Fisher, Toni Jean Erasmus, and Meghan Oberholzer. The TV Series had no release dates for now.

Over the years, Frances Sholto-Douglas has starred in various successful films and Television series.

Frances Sholto-Douglas movies and TV series

  • The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)
  • Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too (2019)
  • The Kissing Booth (2018)
  • Samson (2018)
  • Troy: Fall of a City (2018– )
  • Order of the Dragon (2018 TV Movie)
  • The Dating Game Killer (2017)
  • Blood Drive (2017)
  • No Man Left Behind (2016– )
  • Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen (2015– ) 

Frances Sholto-Douglas early life

Frances Sholto-Douglas’s full name is Frances Sholto-Douglas, Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Frances Sholto-Douglas’s age is 24 Years old, and her nationality is South African. 

Frances Sholto-Douglas Height

Frances Sholto-Douglas height is 5 feet 6 inches (164 cm) tall, and her weight is 125 lbs (56.7 kg).

Frances Sholto-Douglas Education

Frances Sholto-Douglas graduated with a degree in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town.

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